Redesigning Prosthetic Arms for Functions, Comfort, and Intuitiveness

Technology and Features

Ease of Fabrication with 3D Printing

3D printing allows the fabrication of lightweight and customised prostheses for adults and children in low volumes in a cost-effective way

Soft and Compliant Structure

Providing safe interaction with humans and environment and enabling grasping wide variety of objects through adaptability to the shape of objects

Intuitive Control Interface

Synergy of fingers for grasping is encoded in the structure providing multi-articulation with simple control interface using two EMG electrodes

Water and Dust Resistant

Enabled through not having any actuator inside the hand, with single water-proof actuator inside the arm, and a wireless battery chargering system

Free Download of Some CAD Files of X-Limb!

Download from GitHub

We are a team at The University of Melbourne!

Our team at the Human Robotic Lab of The University of Melbourne focus on developing light-weight and compliant bionic hands for adults and children through state-of-the-art techniques in soft robotics and 3D printing.

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